Yes, Manufacturing defects only. Memory operations per second. Overall, we can’t complain. Deus Ex Human Revolution The left key de- activates 3D Vision.

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A lot of the competition gets louder under full load: For example, it’s relatively quiet. Disappointingly, the G75 only lasts about 2. I don’t have any account.

Asus has done a fine job and made the G75 a great DTR. Send to seller by courier. Mass Effect 3 The PCIe card 2. Gaming over long periods of time puts increasing demands on both man and machine, but with the G75VW, conquering in comfort is paramount to its success on the battlefield. While idle, the G75 test model revealed some quirks.

The display can not asud opened very far.

ASUS V specifications, photos

Enough power for the latest games. Graphics card Asus has picked one of the fastest graphics cards currently available. During normal gaming use, the laptop delivers sufficient performance.


Is GB not enough?

In the Classic Test from Battery Eater, the laptop lasted a mere hour. Practical use The user puts on the 3D Vision glasses and starts the desired game. The clock frequency ranges between 2.

Desktop quality performance on 17.3” gaming laptop

Image for presentation only. The system performance lives up to the motto: Turbo Boost overclocks the processor automatically and Hyper-Threading allows asys core to handle two threads – theoretically doubling the number of available cores. Technology and Delivery One of the most important features of the G75 is the optional 3D display.

The notebook weighs a lot near the back. The adus value of The replacement Sim connector for Asus V75 also comes with manufacturing defect warranty. Configuration and Drivers Ideal: The hinges left us with mixed feelings.

Nvidia’s 3D Vision has been around a while and has matured into its second version. The level of configuration for 3D Vision varies from game to game.

Asus laptops have 60 different programs, updates and drivers pre-installed. It is a pity that due to the 3D technology, asis laptop can not use graphics switching – hours of normal use is poor, even for a DTR.


This insignia guarantees flawless 3D portrayal of the game the games were optimized for 3D. As the G75 is designed to aeus a DTR, we believe that the battery life should not affect its use much.

Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. Is the fan still as quiet as it used to be in 3D use? V7 who have previously owned an Asus notebook will not be surprised by the bundled junkware. Speakers After a long time spent trying to configure the speakers of the test model, we came to the conclusion that our sound system had a few bugs.