I agree with the other reviewer that the color is a little off, but for color copies it’s fine. Printing was fast and the print quality is impressive. Otherwise, if you want an all in one that’s easy to set up and use, you should consider this machine. I’d say that’s its main downfall if duplex printing is something you frequently do. For details, refer to the FAQ “I cannot print from my computer via network. Optional To change the printer name, do the following:

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If a copy of your Brother machine’s icon For example: For those who have lost the installation CD. It took me about 30 seconds to teach my wife how to use it.

But I am using Ubantu. Windows 7 or later Right-click the printer icon. Print the network configuration page to check the IP address. Open the printer driver properties and click on the Ports tab following the first listed instructions from Step1 to 6. If your Brother machine was purchased Network Ready, then the IP address can be determined via the control panel of the Brother machine or by printing a Report Page which is called User Settings list or Network Configuration Network Config list or report.


This may lead to some copies of your printer driver not working correctly. The error message “Invalid format for short nick name” appears when printing a document.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

All comments must be in English. Changes to the contents stored in the address book do not become effective in the stored speed dial numbers in Windows. Turn the Brother machine on.

Changed the USB port on your computer which is connected to the Brother machine. Download the latest Uninstall Tool and uninstall the drivers. What can I do? Printing was fast and the print quality is impressive.

When you cannot find your model name in the uninstall tool, select the similar model that you have. Troubleshoot this hardware issue. The uninstallation instructions are available on the download page.

To check which printer driver is working, do widnows following: If you are unable to power on the machine, then this solution does not apply. If windods printer icon is gray and status is Offlinecheck the network connection. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue: To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below.

Again, if printing duplex both sides is a common task for you, I’d look for another machine. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?


Uninstall the Brother Software and Drivers (Windows) | Brother

If you’ve got a lot of copies to make, stack em mfc990ce and let em rip. I’m using Windows Vista and trying to use a network connected Brother machine. If you cannot uninstall the software and drivers from Uninstaller, use the Uninstall Tool. Uninstall the Brother Software and Drivers Windows The following instructions will help you completely uninstall the software and drivers.

Otherwise, if you want an all in one that’s easy to set up and use, you should consider this machine. I configured the “IP Config” method of the machine to “Auto” to assign an IP address automatically, however it was changed to “Static” unexpectedly.

It’s a big beast of a machine so you better have space for it. If the LCD shows an error, troubleshoot the error to clear the issue indicated.

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