When you’ve managed to get rid of all the screws, it’s time to remove the card. We are a leading supplier of Dell replacement parts and stock all laptop repair parts needed to repair your Dell laptop. If you do not want to disassemble the card, and would only like to exchange the thermal paste, it is enough to unscrew four large screws affixing the radiator itself. After examining the result of our work, it’s now time to place the brand new card into the slot. It is yet a long way to be able to access it

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Please enter a price and a quantity! A small Phillips head screwdriver and a plastic scribe is needed for this repair DC Power Jack Repair. DC Power Jack Repair.

Be careful and mount the card horizontally and not aslant, as the slot is very damageable. Fitting the left heat pipe:. We show the least amount e705 ads whenever possible but we intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

Andi, a Dell Inspiron E user, demonstrated how to replace the GPU of his Dell notebook and provided us with a description of the whole process. Don’t forget to reconnect the power switch, inspidon touch pad, and the BIOS battery.


The next step is to unscrew the laptop.

Case Study: Replacing the Video Card of a Dell Inspiron E () – Tech

So, mounting this heat pipe will be trouble-free. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It means that the card is being cooled in a twofold manner, and, so, doesn’t heat so much. Dell Inspiron e Video Cards. Be careful not to damage the lacquer of the case it’s recommended to put a piece of paper beneath the blade of the screwdriver.

The left hinge xard a small extension, which fits into the case. Click image to enlarge. You can wipe it clean or clean it with compressed air.

On the socket itself there are signs showing the direction in which one should turn the screwdriver in order to remove or replace the CPU. In the end see below it turned out, that the Geforce Go GTX needs more space than the Geforce Goinspigon it is equipped with e1750 heat pipes, while the Geforce Go has only one. Even dedicated GPUs are usually soldered to the main board.

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First of all we are obliged to warn the Reader, that all attempts to disassemble a notebook result in loosing guarantee rights and are, inspron, performed at own risk and responsibility. Details on photos below.

  AK12 V3.0 DRIVER

You can put it turned upside down on the touchpad. We are a trusted supplier to s of schools, government agencies, military and repair shops worldwide.

There are no more surprises awaiting you here, the whole thing comes off easily. One thing is worth special consideration: Here you can read about disconnecting the LCD panel manual from the Dell’s website: We can blind drop ship your orders directly to your customers.

All parts are physically in-house, and ready to ship same business day.

Dell Inspiron e1705 Video Cards

Invaild Dell Service Tag, check your entry and try again. Call us today at to get started. You shouldn’t pull at the right part of the cover while trying to remove it, because you could probably break it in half that way. It is connected to the slot on the video card by a pin connector. Following case study is provided by notebookcheck.