And you can do that in mono, as well. While the was originally available only in mono, EMT released a stereo model in Dreamverb is probably my favorite UAD reverb. A well-tuned st, in particular, gives a mix a nice gloss. If you cut the low end or scoop out some mids, you can keep the level and reverb time up without muddying the mix, or you could boost the tops to to add a dreamy air to vocals or acoustic guitar. Or exaggerate the pre-delay to keep the reverb out of the way.

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By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. We will set the plates to whatever decay times you want. The EMT will help you realize your dream to build an army of evil killer saxophonist clones.

EMT 140 Plate Reverb

I often think emmt using a plate algorithm for post sound when the sound is effecting a solid object. EMT interior view. Of course, another upside of these digital models is, far from making you lose your interest in the original, it might just trigger your curiosity.

And is it any wonder why verbs tend to be metallic in nature seeing how classic plates are literally suspended pieces of metal?


Sounds just like the original, lush, clear, and great tweaking capabilities. Getting a stamp of approval in Germany is no small matter, so respect. I’ve searched plahe for a good sounding all around universal plugin and I must say this plugin is now in my heavy rotation of go to plugins.

EMT Plate Reverb :: Beechpark Studio

Further improvements were made to the technology, and EMT made many other plate systems and models, but the is still considered the de-facto system for the best in plate reverb.

It adds depth, width, and ambiance. Maximum song length 5 minutes. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is lush and warm, and sounds like the real thing! At the time, reverb from room ambience was practically banned from studios due to how it affected the performance of the jukeboxes.

One or two mono or stereo pickups are mounted to the plate as well, for the reverb return. The length of the vibrations is controlled by the damper.

Please send it at your session sample rate. Or send some playe from your delays into the reverb. The production of the EMT plate marked a significant change in recording history, simplifying the process of affecting recorded sound while providing the engineer with a more versatile and customizable interface.


Originated from Pye Studios, London. In very little time, and with only a few tweaks, you’re there, you have a reverb that sounds great in your mix. Topics covered aux sends,how the reverb time is adjusted and the amplification of the signal back to the control room.

Controls of the EMT hardware. Kluwer Academic Publishers, You get a model of the mechanical decay controls on the original, though, which sounds different from other reverbs.

Trimpe September 13, I’m a very great fan of reverbs and have some ones I like to use. I have been really impressed with most of the UA plugins but this thing is off the scale.

EMT Plate Reverb

I use this and the The offered extended frequency response, additional parameter controls and more programs. Record companies sought out appropriate rooms for a desired ent. I fully appreciate how difficult they would be to physically […]. This is how it works. Your email address will not be published. Trackbacks […] also hate to think how many beautiful and truly amazing sounding plate reverbs were lost along the way….