How much is a SDR Worth?? If anyone has a Parallel to USB adapter for the SDR that they want to sell drop me an email at dstevens at newcap dot ca Flex doesn’t sell them any more and only the original will work. Are you the publisher? Someone said it installs something needed by the newer versions. I have try to install PSDR Contact us about this article.

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Articles flexdadio this Page showing articles 1 to 40 of I tried the 2. Buyer to pay for actual UPS ground shipping cost and any insurance desired by Buyer. Just wonder if the newer version worked with no problems. I have newly installed power SDR installed. Apart from the printed SDR manual, do you have step by step instructions for the parallel port setup? But can you tell to kill this message?

So I stacked another on top of it and wow!! I have an hanging strikes It did the job! Browsing the Latest Snapshot.

Have any of you done this? Once I figured this out, I replaced it with a bought one, and it still doesn’t work.


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I really like the Tunable Notch Filters but I did find a “birdie” on 10mtrs that is really really loud at times that my TNF did not take care of totally with the deepest setting. As per the subject i’m looking to obtain a Poor mans UCB. I think maybe the audio on the vac is not strong enough usbii the reminder to register the program is causing the problem!!!

I have try to install PSDR For sale a SDR with the watt power amplifier installed from the factory. As best I can tell, it is not transmitting as I listen on another radio.

So if I go into the wave menu and use the record button, it records just fine but playback wont go out over the airwaves, if I use the Quick Record it does work. Dlexradio I gave up trying to use 2.

Seems like no fix flexrradio be coming and no one from flex on the reflectors will even acknowledge the issue. Last week I ve changed my computer for new with windows 8 32bit.


Is there a fix for this? I have downloaded and followed all the instructions, I think. I installed Powe rSDR and the audio drivers.

From usbjo I have read there is no such thing as a trial version of ip-sound. SDR goes to TX mode on power on.

I also have a Griffin Power mate for sale or trade. Remote operation with IP-Sound. Does anyone have info of a useable USB driver for windows 7???

[Flexradio] for vista bit

My question is, did I more likely screw up my parallel port, or the rig? Browse All Articles 64 Articles. Also uabio I get a paraelle-to-usb, or are they specific also? It has never seen any smoking in its lifetime.

I have a cable that has all the 25 pins connected through. The issue is getting the Delta 44 driver to work properly.