But not the Mac mini. Originally posted by Vinay Venkatesh: Thanks for nailing him to the wall on this topic. Mini Size, Big Versatility. Do you see them?

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In fact, you can probably expect Mac support later this year.

A Logitech Dinovo Mini that works on Macs

If I can find the link again I’ll post it. Logitech just announced a trio of keyboards this morning starting with its thinnest keyboard ever, Their drivers borked my Tiger install on my old PowerBook and no, I wasn’t doing anything weird.

Just got one, and thinks work, but I wonder how to get the equivalent of the command, option, escape and tab keys. Do you have one here?

Either way, I feel better. Smack-Fu Master, in training et Subscriptor.

Macworld.Ars: Logitech diNovo mini for Mac (maybe)

K, so itll the mini work as a normal trackpad in mac OS X? Overview Reviews Specs Write a Review. Mini Size, Big Versatility. They don’t have to modify the product. Do Dinovo or Dinovo mini work on mac? Along with miini mate orderedbytes.


Vinay Venkatesh Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Apr 17, 8: They might be friendly, but they’re clueless. Wed Jan 16, 8: Macc recommend logging in before writing a review. I have a diNovo Edge.

But not the Mac mini. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

That thing would be ideal for HTPC-use. I don’t really know enough about OS X internals to be able to speculate about the potential for porting it, but that might be worth investigating if you are interested. Yeah, but that’s just a keyboard. I wanted to know why, and a really cool Logitech representative was kind enough to let me rant while wearing my dork pass. Jul 3, 1: Old Europe Germany Registered: I searched far and wide for an elegant solution kini control my computer from Apr 17, 2: Logitech is good to Mac users?

: Logitech diNovo mini for Mac (maybe) – Ars Technica OpenForum

Jul 3, Posts: The company releases the majority of its products specifically for Windows rather than supporting both platforms and its Mac drivers for mice and keyboards just. Command and option keys instead of the Windows and alt keys. Yeah, I believe that, at least with all the other Logitech peripherals, mice, speakers, even that nookie 3D thing, whatever it does.