Complete specifications are in the table below:. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Monday, August 6, Complete specifications are in the table below: There is nothing particularly sexy about mSATA drives, not even for the hardcore storage people out there. In terms of pricing, the BP3 is very appealing. As seen in the Anvil test below, the write speeds on a GB drive filled to half capacity, while running the operating system, maintains a high performance level.

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They generally don’t come with exciting packaging or with a lot of exotic accessories.

For enthusiasts looking to ways stay on the cutting edge that might be a bit of a problem because they don’t get to tinker with settings, updates and the like. BP3 covers both the 2.

MyDigitalSSD SMART & BP3 mSATA SSD Review

Moving from a mechanical drive with massive latency to a SSD is something to get excited about and more devices are hitting the market every week with mSATA ports.

Until further notice, this update is strictly limited to the following drives.

Mydigitakssd doesn’t mean this drive isn’t a nice product for us all out performance storage nerds, it’s nice to buy a product that actually works the first time around Their products are always solid when it comes to reliability so mydigitalssv a new update is available, it usually comes with some type of performance increase. If you have an ultrabook or notebook with an mSATA port, well that is a different story. BSODs all over the place in Windows 8 with stock firmware and updating the firmware effectively kills it.


MyDigitalSSD BP3 GB mSATA SSD Revisited – Firmware Update

Monday, January 28, Having compatibility issues with the BP3? Prices, offers, and product specifications are vp3 to change without notice. Click here to download the latest firmware updates plus step-by-step guides for hassle-free installation. Of the thousand BP3 drives already shipped, only one was returned as defective.

Phison isn’t known for putting out a large amount of firmware updates, so we may only see one or two more before this product reaches end of life. Click here for Firmware Version The third key characteristic we look for is price, the BP3’s strongest attribute. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. We’ve just posted a new BP3 firmware update that should solve your issues. Log in Don’t have an account? Complete specifications are in the table below: That one drive had a little mishap during shipping where the drive was actually broken into two pieces.

My Digital Discount is not responsible for typographical or photographical errors. While compatible with other solid state drives featuring the Phison S8 controller, My Digital Discount will not be held responsible for errors made on drives other than MyDigitalSSD, if any occur.


MyDigitalSSD BP3 GB mSATA SSD Review

In terms of pricing, the BP3 is very appealing. Simply email orders mydigitaldiscount. Phison uses Toshiba manufacturing for their drives and every drive is tested before shipping to the MyDigitalSSD warehouse.

Thanks to Marvell, Phison and especially SandForce you don’t need a huge team of engineers to make an Np3 because you can buy and license everything from third parties. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Most Viewed Most Commented. All trademarks are the sole property of their respective companies. This was just the first in what we hope is a nice sized line of performance increasing updates.

That is why we don’t re-test every SSD every time a new firmware hit the market. Under normal circumstances, incremental firmware updates usually deliver a small performance increase. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

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